Henry Rinehart, Owner

Henry was raised on the Upper West Side not far from HENRY's. Originally from London, Henry grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts the son of Williams College Art History professors. Friends of his parents owned a restaurant well ahead of its time, THE BRITISH MAID, which was a cross of gastro pub with Chez Panisse seasonal/local ingredients. In the 1970's! Henry immediately recognized a social and business hub and it felt like home

He worked at the NYC Eighties icon QUATORZE, Patrick Clark's METRO, Tom Valenti's CASCABEL, Charlie Palmer's ALVA, John Schenk's CLEMENTINE and the hip-for-a-minute MOOMBA.

Henry also grew up at another famous Williamstown institution, the Williamstown Theater Festival. He was their juvenile lead playing packed summer stock houses with the likes of Frank Langella, Blythe Danner, Richard Chamberlain and Christopher Reeve. His background in theater taught him the innate theatricality of restaurants as well as the “show must go on” drive of the player. Together the strains of art, restaurant and theater have come together at HENRY's.

Henry believes that restaurants are fundamental in the civic fabric of any community. They are where we learn to live and eat with one another and where each culture develops its identity through food and social custom. Restaurants are one of the places we learn to live together.

Henry is married to yoga teacher and health coach, Dinneen Viggiano and together they have a son, Jules.

Scott Snyder, Executive Chef - Partner

Scott's culinary journey started in his native Ohio, working the country club circuit. His innate food talent drew him to New York's Culinary Institute of America where he won the Golden Prosciutto as the most promising talent in Italian cuisine. Scott fell into a hugely successful New York restaurant right out of school as First Cook at SIGN OF THE DOVE for Chef Andy D'Amico. He refined his classical French technique as Saucier at LE GRENOUILLE before moving on to his first Sous Chef position at ARIZONA 206. He was Chef at LE SERRE, GAGE and TOLLNER, ALEXANDER and ASTOR before meeting Henry. Scott has been Chef at HENRY's since 2000 and became Partner in 2006.

Scott's first food memories are fish from the stream, cleaned and grilled; fresh fruit and vegetables from the neighbor's farm; and cattle, pig, venison, rabbit and chicken from the family farm.

Scott is one of the rare chefs who understand that success in the restaurant business is made of the whole experience: menu, design, décor and service. The lasting successes are built when all aspects work together in harmony. His palate is definitely modern American with a strong tie to the French traditions, moderated by the lightness of his sauces. He appreciates the lessons of tradition and embraces the new challenges of the modern chef/ restaurateur.

Dave Ferraro, Chef

Chef Dave Ferraro is a native New Yorker born into a food family: Dave's father was a third generation Italian-American butcher and restaurateur, and his mother grew up on a mid-western farm. To add to his food roots, Dave's grandfather was the owner of a vegetable cart on the Lower East Side. Dave grew up in a world where food was a life's work.

Dave's father gave him an education in precision butchering as a young man. Dave then apprenticed with Chef Michel Carrere at the UN Plaza Hotel, now the Hyatt International, for two years. Heading west to expand his culinary horizons, Dave first hit the slopes and kitchens of Vail and the bayside restaurants of San Francisco, then to the chic tastes of Westport, Connecticut and the Hamptons. Back in his hometown in 1999, Dave began six years as Chef for Il Porto Bice Group, VILLAGE and WORLD CAFÉ. Since 2004, Dave served as Executive Chef for Midtown Manhattan's upscale French bistro, MONTPARNASSE, where, he implemented his philosophy of “creating hospitality through food.” Dave describes his culinary style as rustic Italian blended with the bold flavors and simplicity of French bistro cooking. Local, farm-to-table traditions of his family form the heart of his cuisine.

Dave balances his time with his wife, son and daughter between their apartment in the city and a gentleman's farm in Guilford, Connecticut.

Rion Robbins, General Manager

Rion was raised in New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. She fell into, and then, in love with, the restaurant business over 25 years ago.
Rion learned the business from the ground up, developing her natural sense of hospitality and honing her skills with a strong progression of hands-on experience in the full gamut of service styles. She has worked with some of the top restaurateurs in the industry, holding service and management positions in NYC restaurants such as DB Bistro Moderne, OTTO, A Vocé, and Bar Americain.

Rion is dedicated to inspiring and mentoring others, and delivering outstanding guest service and dining experiences. She brings to HENRY’s her passion, enthusiasm, and an enduring respect for the art of hospitality and the cultural impact of food.

Rion currently lives with her family on Long Island, and enjoys camping, cooking, volunteering, and collecting vintage cookbooks.

Michelle Ouellette O'Bryan, Event & Media Manager

Michelle joined the HENRY's team in 2012 as Maître D'. Michelle’s hire was a family reunion, of sorts, as she joined her husband, Briggan O'Bryan and her brother Chris Ouellette at HENRY's.  Michelle’s excellent work and professional standards paired with Henry’s commitment to promoting excellence in service, have resulted in her recent promotion to the management team.

Michelle has over twenty years of professional theatre experience as a Director/Choreographer/Actor, as well as a Dance Teacher. Her career in the theatre gave her the pleasure of traveling all over the country, not to mention New York. As with most folks in the "biz", this also led her to succeed in the restaurant industry, which she has been a part of for over 15 years in NYC.

Success in both her careers has given Michelle a unique understanding of what it means to be part of a team. From the Usher, or Host, who brings you to your seat; to the Playwright, or Chef, who provides glorious new adventures for you to consume.  Michelle appreciates the importance of every role in creating memorable experiences.

Interactive theatre or interacting with Guests, learning lines or describing Chef’s additions to the menu, mastering that difficult dance step or gliding through the dining room, Michelle’s objective is the same: To create enjoyable experiences for all involved.  This is what Michelle brings to your table.